Sublevel Caving workshop March 23rd 2014 at The Riverbank Room 4/Adelaide Convention Centre

24 Mar 2014

The 12th AusIMM Underground Operators' Conference 2014” provides a unique and timely opportunity for mining operators to share successes and challenges facing the SLC mining industry.

The purpose of the workshop is for people involved in different aspects of SLC to meet and to discuss issues considered important to the successful design, establishment and operation of an a sublevel caving operation. The discussion areas include: 

1. Mine design, establishment and sequencing 
2. Drill and blast (designs and parameters), blasting sequence (slots and rings) and associated issues and impacts (ring breakage, tunnel or brow damage, fragmentation, or blasted rock flow) 
3. Geotechnical (Cave propagation, seismicity and potential hazards (subsidence, mudrushes, rock damage, seismicity) and controls including monitoring systems 
4. Flow, draw strategy and recoveries 
5. SLC practical rules of thumb (do’s and don’ts) 
6. Enabling technologies (gadgets and software) 

The workshop is being sponsored by The WH Bryan Mining and Geology Research Centre (BRC) and Elexon Electronics Pty Ltd with input from Mr Chris Carr (Mining Consultant).