Congratulations to SMI's July 2019 Graduates

18 Jul 2019

Congratulations to Dr Eric Stemn, Dr Sandra Worden and Dr David Campin for graduating with their doctoral degrees in July's graduations.

SMI's director, Professor Neville Plint said that as a result of their  hard work and support from their advisors, they had developed into researchers with forward thinking, multi-disciplinary minds and the drive to engineer sustainable solutions for the resource industry's challenges.

The Chair of SMI's Advisory Board Charlie Sartain was awarded an Honorary Doctorate at the ceremenony - more here.


Centre Affiliation

Thesis title


Dr Sandra Worden


The construction and assessment of social risk: Perspectives from Australian coal mining project teams

Deanna Kemp, John Owen, David Brereton

Dr David Campin


The governance of hydraulic fracturing in unconventional resources: the elements, form and effectiveness of the regulations

Jim Underschultz, Vlado Vivoda, Andrew Garnett, Tina Hunter

Dr Eric Stemn


Improving organisational learning from incidents through effective incident investigations: A study of the Ghanaian mining industry

David Cliff, Carmel Bofinger, Maureen Hassall