Make a Conscious Choice

5 Dec 2019



As we move towards the end of the year, there are so many distractions to our normal tasks in life.

The increase in road traffic and the pure demand on your time as you are doing multiple tasks can result in momentary lapses of concentration.

These distractions can have disastrous ramifications.

Here at UQ-SMI we have identified the top five hazards we all need to be fully aware of:

  • Travel to High Risk Locations
  • Fieldwork
  • Operation of Plant & Equipment
  • Laboratory Work
  • Fatigue (mental & Physical)

If we highlight these same 5 themes in our non-work environment and take the time to STOP and plan the holiday tasks you will make these inherently safer for yourself and others.

  • Trekking Overseas or in Outback Australia
  • Normal Household Jobs
  • Operating Equipment at Home or on Farms
  • Kitchen task and Tool Shed Tasks
  • Fatigue (mental & Physical)

A great quote,

By applying the fundamentals of risk management, we not only find and manage the hazards, we recruit the right mind to complete the task”

Holidays will be far more enjoyable without the stress of pain and injury. Just STOP and Take 5 minutes extra to ensure you got the task under control.

Stay safe and enjoy the holidays,
Brett Garland.