Environment Centres launch training course to prepare junior environmental personnel for future of mining

5 December 2019

The Sustainable Minerals Institute's (SMI) Environment Centres have launched a new training course to arm junior environmental personnel with the technical skills necessary to face sustainability challenges in a rapidly evolving mining industry.

The Mine Site Environmental Management Course introduces junior environmental personnel to increasingly important topics in mining, such as mine water management and rehabilitation, and challenges them with the latest legislative, theoretical and practical advancements.

Environment Centres Principal Research Fellow Associate Professor Claire Cote said the course addresses shortcomings that are the inevitable result of the rapid progress made in the space.

“Industry, government and academia are driving sustainable environmental management in mining at an incredible rate, but the realities of university curriculums means much of this isn’t reaching students yet.

“This course connects junior environmental staff, who have solid foundations, with the world-leading practices that are constantly being developed through research institutes like SMI.

“The efficient distribution of this knowledge is something all stakeholders – government, industry, the public, and academia – want to see.”

Participants who complete this courses will have a comprehensive understanding of

  • mine water management
  • mineral residues
  • rehabilitation
  • closure
  •  technical tools used in environmental assessment studies
  • airborne contaminants, noise and vibration
  • cultural heritage
  • greenhouse gases
  • waste management and the circular economy

“Each topic includes discussion of relevant legislative requirements, theory and academic advancements, as well as a practical activity requiring participants to apply new ideas.

“This level of engagement, both with practice and research, wouldn’t be possible without access to the people and projects underway at Centre for Mined Land Rehabilitation and Centre for Water in the Minerals Industry.

“The cross-disciplinary nature of SMI also means we have access to thought-leaders in a number of other spaces, such as social responsibility in mining and health and safety, which is incredibly important for a holistic approach to the mine site management.

The first Mine Site Environmental Management Course kicks-off in March, 2020 and will be delivered across three weeks spread throughout the year.

To read more about the Mine Site Environmental Management Course, visit www.smi.uq.edu.au/msem