Fiji Takes Concrete Steps Towards A Low Carbon Future

14 November 2022
Left to Right: Ambassador Dr Satyendra Prasad, Dr Soumen Maity, TARA; Gary Lee, Pacific Community; and  Professor Daniel Franks, SMI

Fiji’s Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations, His Excellency Dr Satyendra Prasad, has announced the launch of the Blue Concrete Initiative at a side event of the  COP 27 climate summit.

The Initiative is the result of a long-term partnership between the Fiji Ministry of Lands and Mineral Resources, the Sustainable Minerals Institute (SMI), Technology and Action for Rural Advancement, the Pacific Community-SPC, the ACP-EU Development Minerals Program implemented by UNDP, and the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.

The Initiative will lay the foundations for the introduction of low carbon cement to Fiji and ensure that key concrete inputs such as aggregate are sourced in a way that is both sustainable and builds resilient local supply chains. 

“The Blue Concrete Initiative demonstrates the commitment of the Government of Fiji to prioritise climate action while also supporting the establishment of innovative domestic value chains that utilise our own resources and generate employment,” H.E. Dr. Satyendra Prasad said.

“We hope to set an example that will be followed by larger emitters to innovate and take action to reduce emissions in concrete and infrastructure supply chains.”

Professor Daniel Franks, leader of SMI's Development Minerals Research Program  said the Blue Concrete Initiative will support the transfer of low carbon concrete technology to Fiji and the Pacific.

"It will build resilience in regional supply chains, create a reliable and affordable source concrete for infrastructure, and ensure that key concrete inputs such as aggregate, limestone, clay and gypsum are sourced sustainably and match the values of the Blue Pacific,” he said.

Hero image: Blue Concrete Initiative team undertakes a site visit at Pacific Cement, Fiji

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