MIWATCH welcome another visitor

The inaugural Australian Mine Waste Symposium (AMWS) saw many visitors arrive in Brisbane, so it was opportune to host some for a while longer- with Gabriele Baldassarre a PhD student at Politecnico di Torino Italy, here with us for a month!

Gabriele Baldassarre at the Australian Mine Waste Symposium
Gabriele Baldassarre at the Australian Mine Waste Symposium .

Gabriele holds a BSc. in Environmental Engineering (2017) and an MSc. in Petroleum and Mining Engineering (2019), both earned at Politecnico di Torino, Italy. His thesis focused on the preliminary study of mineral processing for a newly discovered zinc-lead ore deposit in Italy, sparking his interest in topics like mineral characterization, analysis, and treatment methodologies. Driven by the belief that every waste stream should be properly managed and deserves a second chance, Gabriele embarked on a professional journey that included roles as a Grant Researcher at PoliTO and as an Environmental Engineer in the private sector. His work centered on waste rock management for infrastructure construction projects.

Currently, Gabriele is a PhD candidate in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Politecnico di Torino, enrolled in the Raw Material Engineering group supervised by Prof. Paola Marini. His project focuses on the recovery of Critical Raw Materials and valuable minerals from mining waste in Italy, aligning with zero-waste supply chain and circular economy principles.

Gabriele has actively engaged as a PhD visiting researcher with the MIWATCH group, already taking out a poster prize at the AMWS! Very well done! During his visit, he is eager to share with the team the major research findings to date from his PhD, and indeed to build collaborations to help develop globally reliable strategies for characterizing mining waste to help unlocking metal recovery and valorisation potential.

Last updated:
28 March 2024