Reflections on my placement with MIWATCH

Wrapping up my six-week internship journey, I cannot help but reflect on the amazing experience I have had at the Sustainable Minerals Institute (SMI) MIWATCH, The University of Queensland, and Brisbane. The welcoming attitude and company culture coupled with an opportunity to work alongside such supportive and talented staffs of the WH Bryan Mining Geology Research Centre (BRC) has been rewarding. The invaluable guidance of my supervisors and mentorship of researchers who offered a helping hand made me feel like a valued member of the MIWATCH team from the very beginning.

It is unfortunate how time flies, I wish I stayed longer to learn more, but I need to continue the work back in Europe. Starting from the Australian Mine Waste Symposium, attending presentations of researchers at BRC, and working on my master thesis samples, I have not only honed technical and professional knowledge but also developed a great network for the future. Thank you to BRC and the Julius Kruttschnitt Mineral Research Centre for availing your labs to begin with my master thesis work right from Australia.

Kamara Joseph in the lab

In conclusion, my internship at SMI has been nothing short but transformative. As I bid farewell to MIWATCH, I am filled with gratitude and I am deeply appreciative to the Director of BRC, Dr Mark Noppé, Leader of MIWATCH, Associate Professor Anita Parbhakar-Fox, Dr Kam Bhowany, and the entire team for the incredible opportunity to learn, grow, and experience such a dynamic environment. The lessons I have learned and the relationships I have formed during this period will leave a remarkable impact on my personal and professional development.

I am excited to continue my research work in Europe through the collaborative effort between MIWATCH and the University of Liège.

Thank You.

Last updated:
15 March 2024