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The BRC are involved in a number of research and consulting projects and are looking for highly motivated postgraduate students with background in geology, geophsycis, mining engineering, mineral processing or basic sciences. Successful applicants will work with senior researchers and involve engagement with key industry partners. This experience will help in pursuing a successful research or commercial career in the mining industry. Both Research Masters and PhD degrees are offered through The University of Queensland.

 A brief description of some projects is given below:

PhD Projects

  1. Geological controls on filtration and thickening of mine tailings (Prof R Valenta and Prof A Clark)
  2. Geological feature extraction from hard rock 3D seismic data (Prof R Valenta and Prof G McLachlan)
  3. Improved analysis of geoscientific data for process prediction in complex Copper Porphyry orebodies (Prof R Valenta and Dr C Evans)
  4. Understanding the geological controls on mesoscopic heterogeneity for waste rejection in mineral processing (Prof R Valenta and Dr C Evans)
  5. The Application of Advanced Statistical Methods to Hyperspectral Images in Mineral Exploration (Rob Chatterjee)
  6. Incorporation of risk into mineral resource models (David Boakye)
  7. Geometallurgical characterisation of complex orebodies (Rocio Vargas Soto)
  8. Understanding mesoscopic geological variability and its implications for mineral processing (Torben Wuestemann)
  9. Full scale and numerical model assessment on material flow in caving (Matthew Fargher)
  10. Step Change to achieve safer, rapid and low-cost establishment in cave mining under extreme geotechnical  environment (Pablo Paredes Morales)
  11. Rock mass preconditioning methodology for block caving based on Petroleum state of the
    art methods (Rigoberto Rimmelin Gonzalez)
  12. The Footprint of the giant Mount Isa Cu-Pb-Zn-Ag system (Ali Parchegani)

Masters/Honours projects

  1. Investigating Variability between the Didipio Ore Types (Dr. C. Evans and Dr. K. Tungpalan)

  2. Use of Utility Theory in assessing Environmental, Social and Government responses to Mining development options in strategic planning (Daniel Hastings)

  3. Structural geology and best-practice modelling guidelines suitable for geotechnical engineering in block-cave environments (David Tennant)

Topics for future students

Postgraduate study in Geometallurgy

Potential topics currently available for postgraduate research projects in the area of geometallurgy are listed below:

For further information, please contact  Prof Rick Valenta

  1. Geometallurgical case studies in operating and developing mines
  2. Geological controls on deleterious elements and related phenomena
  3. Process-related prediction of metallurgical performance
  4. Use of high resolution hyperspectral and geochemical data in logging, textural interpretation and performance prediction
  5. Geological controls on high voltage pulse processing amenability

Postgraduate study in Complex Orebodies

Potential topics currently available for postgraduate research projects in the area of Complex Orebodies are listed below:

For further information, please contact Prof Rick Valenta or Dr Mark Hinman

  1. Geological case studies of complex orebodies
  2. Next generation orebody modelling and estimation
  3. New approaches to rock mass characterisation for mass underground mining
  4. Structural-lithological modelling for mining and exploration
  5. Structural geophysics applied to mining and exploration

Industry training and workshop opportunities

BRC has extensive experience in applied workshops aimed at improving the skills and capabilities of industry collaborators and clients.  In participation with its industry affiliates, the BRC can offer tailored courses in a range of topics including:

  1. Structural Geology for Mining
  2. Structural Interpretation of Potential Field Geophysical Data
  3. Processing and Interpretation of Hyperspectral Drillcore Data
  4. Structural lithological modelling

Workshop contents can be tailored to individual requirements in a variety of topics related to above.

BRC Workshops