Total Deposit Knowledge

The Total Deposit Knowledge (TDK) research program covers mineral exploration, structural and geochemical drill core interpretation, hyperspectral interpretation, mine geology and geometallurgy.

We provide the best possible understanding of the rock characteristics to influence practical decision-making at every stage from exploration to mining and mineral processing.

The program combines research expertise with training and development to provide inputs into the understanding of mineral deposits, in particular to increase mineral deposit efficiency while implementing a lower environmental and social footprint.


The TDK team comprises globally experienced exploration and academic geologists with a long-standing focus on the discovery and description of mineral deposits. Consultancy projects, Masters and PhD-level postgraduate programs and cooperative research projects with the minerals industry are a highlight of our day-to-day activities. Public research for State geological surveys, in particular are exemplified by our Mineral Deposit Atlas series developed with the Geological Survey of Queensland.

With access to state-of-the-art equipment across The University of Queensland, and with our partners at the Queensland University of Technology and James Cook University, interpretation of mineral deposits is possible at every scale. We strive for greater industry, government and academic cooperation in order to deliver the critical metals needed for the developing low-carbon economy.

Our partners in the WH Bryan Mining Geology Research Centre are the Mine Waste Characterisation (MIWATCH) and Deep Mining Geoscience (DMG) groups, and the co-location with the Julius Kruttschnitt Mineral Research Centre (JKMRC), JKTech and the Mineral Liberation Analysers facility allows for integrated research across the full mineral deposit research and ore production spectrum.

Our group of highly experienced and multicommodity exploration geologists provide comprehensive and diverse capabilities:

  • Predictive behaviour of rock minerals in processing
  • Lithogeochemistry, alteration geochemistry (experienced ioGAS trainers and users)
  • Target generation
  • Hyperspectral drill core interpretation
  • GIS and 3D ore deposit modelling expertise
  • pXRF, micro-CT, LIBS, Elemission core scanning, X-ray scanning
  • Microscopy and Microanalysis – Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis (CMM)

Mineral Deposit Atlases

A resource for Queensland explorers to improve their capability to recognise the signatures and haloes of major deposits.

See more information on the mineral deposit atlases

Queensland New Economy Minerals Compilation

A series of reports compiling geoscientific information and interpretations as an aid to exploration targeting for New Economy Minerals.

See more information on the Queensland New Economy Minerals Compilation

Research lead

Professor Nick Cook


Dr Nathan Fox
Dr Sally Allan
Dr Tom Evans
Katerina Savinova
Dr Daniel Patias Guimaraes
Dr Jaime Poblete Alvarado
Nurassyl Battalgazy
Rob Chatterjee

Cecilia Artica

Aaron Ash

Corey Jago

Michael Nugus

Ron Reid

Peng Sha

Total Deposit Knowledge staff are experienced in the delivery of projects through commercial and research consultancies with strong expertise in the following areas:

  • Geochemistry and structural geology of drill core
  • Mineral exploration – project generation
  • Geometallurgy of drill core, rocks and mineral concentrates

The Total Deposit Knowledge group offer a range of professional development options to build industry capacity. 

These courses address key and ongoing development needs identified through our collaborative research.  In addition to our open courses, we are experienced in developing tailored courses for industry partners.

Our short courses are designed in a modular and intensive format to fit around the commitments of a full-time job.  They also provide an opportunity for interaction with like-minded practitioners from other organisations.

Contact Nick Cook ( or Nathan Fox ( for details on existing and customised coursework to suit your needs.

Contact us

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Professor Nick Cook

Group Lead, Total Deposit Knowledge

+61 488 004 339

The Total Deposit Knowledge group is a research group within the WH Bryan Mining Geology Research Centre (BRC).

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