Minerals, materials and a sustainable future

The products of mining are everywhere. If it wasn’t grown, it was mined or drilled, but mining has an uneasy history with sustainable development.  A history of pollution, human rights abuses, conflict, and environmental legacies in many parts of the world continues to tarnish the sector’s reputation, even while minerals are literally the matter that underpins much of global development. Whether it be the mineral fertilisers that feed crops, the copper that wires homes, the lithium that stores renewable energy, or the gravel and stone that builds bridges and paves rural roads, mined materials are essential to modern life in every corner of the globe.

Global Leadership Series: Minerals, materials and a sustainable future

Thu 28 Nov 2019 6:00pm8:00pm


Advanced Engineering Building
Staff House Road
The University of Queensland
St Lucia Campus
GHD Auditorium

Now that the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are mainstream, and a renewable energy transformation fuelled by minerals is well underway, is it time to reconsider the role that mining and minerals play in sustainable development?  

In a first for UQ, this Q&A event is produced in partnership with ABC News 24 and will be recorded at UQ’s St Lucia campus for subsequent broadcast.

Chaired by UQ’s UNESCO Chair of Journalism and Communication, Professor Peter Greste, the program will unpack the sustainability challenges posed by mining.

Professor Greste will guide the discussion with leading researchers, experts and stakeholders to examine the tension that exists around mining and our continued, sometimes increasing, dependence on minerals.

Current UQ journalism students will work with Professor Greste and an ABC Executive Producer to develop the content aiming to remove the jargon and spin, and take the issue out of the political arena.

The project will be produced over a four week period, and details of panellists and an invitation for audience members to submit questions will be announced in the weeks leading up to 28 November.

We hope you can join us for this unique and exciting GLS event - visit the GLS website