The Toolebuc Formation, exposed in Queensland, South Australia and the Northern Territory, was deposited in a shallow sea about 100 Ma and is the richest known source of Vanadium in Queensland, as well as hosting some great fossils. This webinar will help to unpack the Toolebuc’s history, critical mineral potential and so much more.

Panel speakers:

  • Alison Troup PhD Candidate, The University of Queensland School of Environmental Sciences 

  • Andre Coffa, Principal Geologist and Project Manager 

  • Professor  Bob Henderson, James Cook University 

  • Gavin Loyden, Managing Director, QEM Limited 

  • Warwick Nordin, Chief Geologist, Richmond Vanadium Technology (RVT) 

  • Sandra Rodrigues, Research Fellow, The University of Queensland School of Earth and Environmental Sciences 

  • Chris Boreham, Principal Petroleum Geochemist, Onshore Energy Team and Evgeniy Bastrakov, PhD, Senior Research Scientist, Geoscience Australia - Minerals, Energy and Groundwater Division 

  • Eris O'Brien, Project Manager - QRCUF, Queensland Department of Resources 

About GSQ-UQ Webinar Series 2023

Welcome to the Geological Survey of Queensland and The University of Queensland (GSQ-UQ) 2023 webinar series, a collaborative series of webinar and workshops.

Jointly curated by GSQ and UQ's Sustainable Minerals Institute, the main goal of the series is to find new ways to support the minerals industry in Queensland, think about new techniques, and help define new and exciting targets.

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