Watch this webinar to navigate GSQ’s Geoscience Data Portal, exploring key functionalities such as advanced search, CKAN API, and OCR text data extraction.

Gain insights into innovative work in artificial intelligence that has potential to accelerate data science.

We’ll also be looking to the future with an overview of our 2024 publication plans.

Panel Speakers:

  • Mark Gordon, Director – Geoscience Information, Geological Survey of Queensland
  • Steven Bowden, Principal Data Manager, Geological Survey of Queensland
  • Rob Chatterjee, Principal Data Scientist, Geological Survey of Queensland

About GSQ-UQ Webinar Series 2024

Welcome to the Geological Survey of Queensland and The University of Queensland (GSQ-UQ) 2024 webinar series, a collaborative series of webinar and workshops.

Jointly curated by GSQ and UQ's Sustainable Minerals Institute, the main goal of the series is to find new ways to support the minerals industry in Queensland, think about new techniques, and help define new and exciting targets.

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