Speaker: Dr Douglas Aitken

Overview: The Sustainable Minerals Institute’s International Centre of Excellence in Chile is focussed on developing solutions to the industrial and social challenges related to the minerals sector in Chile and Latin America. Dr Aitken will present how the Centre and the University is contributing to local socio-economic development and resilience through a series of case studies, project examples and reflections. The presentation will consider how the Centre can be a platform for new opportunities and further contribute to sustainable development and long-term social resilience in the Latin American region.

The key themes that will be covered in the presentation are:

  • Mining and the preservation of natural resources
  • Supporting community development and resilience in mining zones
  • Integrated and long-term planning for sustainable futures

Bio:  Douglas Aitken is the Leader of the Sustainability area at SMI-ICE-Chile, developing and leading research projects focussed on improving the mining industry. His areas of specialisation include sustainable bioenergy pathways, life cycle analysis, water resource management, risk and opportunity analysis, and strategy development. Read more

About SMI Webinar Series 2021

The Sustainable Minerals Institute Webinar Series returns in 2021 to showcase exciting research underway in SMI. From mineral processing to social performance to health and safety - join us on the first Tuesday of every month for the presentation followed by a Q&A with the presenter. Hear from our current researchers, alumni, and research colleagues on a broad range of topics that aim to ensure sustainability for the future.