Our Expertise

The backgrounds of SMI-MISHC staff are varied, and collectively cover the breadth of occupational safety and health related disciplines such as risk management (including principal hazard management and emergency response, risk management tools and techniques), occupational health (eg., chemicals, dust, vibration) , psychology (fatigue, stress), and physiotherapy, as well as human factors and ergonomics.


Human Factors

The Human Factors program aims to improve health, safety and productivity of the resources industry through human-centered design of all aspects of project, plant and equipment. The program has a particular focus on the integration of automated and human components within the total mining system. Risk management training is also provided to industry.

Projects within this program

Interface Design for Haul-Truck Proximity Advisory Systems

Managing whole-body vibration associated with underground coal mining equipment

Continuous Monitoring of Whole-Body Vibration and Jolts and Jars Associated with Operating Earth Moving Equipment at Surface Coal Mines

Mining Automation Human Systems Integration (MAHSI)

Program Leader

Prof Robin Burgess-Limerick

Program Team

Carmel Bofinger
Danellie Lynas
Dr Jill Harris
Sara Pazell (PhD student)
Gern Logrosa (PhD Student)
Philippa Dodshon (PhD Student)

Program Keywords

Human-centred design, safety, health, risk, simulation, training, automation

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