Northwest Mineral Province New Discovery Program

SMI's W.H. Bryan Mining and Geology Research Centre is playing a major role in the design and management of the New Discovery Program component of the $27.125 million Strategic Resources Exploration Program in which The University of Queensland was invited to take a leadership role. 

The program places significant emphasis on providing the tools, datasets and knowledge needed by explorers in Northwest Queensland to drive a new wave of mineral discoveries in the region. Professor Rick Valenta has been leading a team of UQ researchers who have been providing new data, insights and interpretations to aid discovery in the region. 

Participants in the program include The Geological Survey of Queensland, Geoscience Australia, the Economic Geology Research Unit James Cook University, the ARC Centre for Ore Deposit and Exploration Studies University of Tasmania,  The University of Adelaide, CSIRO, and the W.H. Bryan Mining and Geology Research Centre.