Investigating the application of High Reliability Organisation principles to environmental management in the mining industry

The primary aim of this research project is to determine how principles of High Reliability Organisations (HROs) could be applied to environmental management within the Queensland coal mining industry to deliver improved environmental outcomes in general, and improved outcomes at closure in particular. This project will attempt to define environmental reliability, develop environmental performance metrics and propose models for organisational structures that promote environmental reliability. There is much work to be done to explore potential applications of HRO principles to environmental management  in the mining industry. 

By exploring application of HRO principles to the environment function within the Queensland mining industry, there is a potential to further build on and enhance industry existing capabilities, achieve greater environmental reliability in the near term, specifically focussing on supporting industry with maintaining licence to operate and improving long term environmental management outcomes associated with mine closure planning and delivery.


Layla has worked for a global mining company for ten years in the Environment discipline. During this time she held various positions across Australia and South Africa, based at operating mine and corporate office sites. She was responsible for conducting activities to ensure mining operations maintained compliance with environmental legislation requirements, as well as undertaking environmental impact assessments to secure approvals for both new and extensions to existing mines. During her time in consulting, she has supported a number of mine sites to develop closure plan documents and conduct rehabilitation activities needed to deliver their mine closure plans.


Queensland Resources Council - Coal Mine site Rehabilitation Trust Fund 2022 Postgraduate Scholarships 


Associate Professor Claire CôteSusan Johnston