Organic matter decomposition and turnover in rhizobiomes of bauxite residue technosols

My current research is part of an ARC-linkage project 'Breaking critical barriers in soil formation of bauxite residues'. This project aims to develop a field-based eco-engineering technology to accelerate in-situ soil formation from bauxite residues as an economical and sustainable alternative to conventional rehabilitation methods. 

As part of the big project, I am conducting research to understand the stabilization mechanisms of rhizodeposited organic carbon in bauxite residue derived technosol which is key to soil structure stability and soil fertility. This will provide fundamental knowledge for evaluating the sustainability of eco-engineered technosol.


I have a diverse background in multiple disciplines. My research experience covers plant breeding, soil science and environmental ecology.


Professor Longbin HuangDr Songlin WuDr Fang You & Ram Dalal AM