Diana specialises in the interaction between communities and resource extraction projects. Her most recent research deals with indigenous participation in post-conflict mineral resource governance in Colombia.

Diana Arbelaez-Ruiz recently completed her PhD dissertation on indigenous participation in post-conflict mineral resource governance in Colombia. She conducted extensive fieldwork in Colombia during the negotiation and early implementation of the peace agreement of 2016. In 2017, she was a visiting Researcher at the Peace Research Institute, Oslo, thanks to an Australian Government Endeavour Fellowship. Diana has been Research Manager for Latin America, Research Fellow and Research Manager at CSRM. Her doctoral work follows from her collaboration with Colombian indigenous and afro-descendant organizations, Colombian academics and the USAID Human Rights Program, on a project on social inclusion in mining policy-making financed by the Ford Foundation (see Spanish project page / English Summary poster). At UQ, Diana has also led research on the political and institutional dimensions of mining environmental impact study approvals that brought together specialist from eight countries in the Americas. She has been active in research on company-community conflict, the social impacts of mine closure and Indigenous employment in mining.


Researcher biography

Prior to joining UQ, Diana worked for nine years in progressing the sustainability agenda in the investment sector in Australia in Environmental, Social and Governance analyst roles with both Regnan and Monash University. During six of those years she concentrated solely on analysis of publicly listed mining companies. Diana also worked in environmental economics and community capacity building and development planning in Colombia.

Latest Publications -

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