Application of industrial ecology to metals production and recycling

Having more than 15 years of work experience in the minerals industry and academia in Russia and Australia, Artem has been the principal investigator for SMI’s collaborative research projects focusing on sustainability and resilience in metal supply chains, including NextMine Rare Earths (2013-2015), Wealth from Waste (2013-2017), and Life Cycles of Mines and Metals. His research interests also include e-waste, critical metals supply chains, integration of mine waste reuse with mined land rehabilitation, climate change and mining, and sustainable regional development.

Artem is a member of International Society for Industrial Ecology.


At The University of Queensland, Artem collaborates with the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences and Dow Centre for Sustainable Engineering Innovation. Outside UQ, his collaborators are the leading researchers in the area of industrial ecology from the University of Technology Sydney, Monash University, as well as Yale University (USA), Kyoto University and Tohoku University (Japan).

Artem works as part of the Industrial Ecology & Circular Economy Group