New book on technological impacts on extractive industries

13 July 2018
Extracting Innovations: Mining, Energy and Technological Change in the Digital Age co-edited by SMI affiliates Professor Saleem H. Ali and Dr. Tim Grice just published by Taylor and Francis – CRC Press, featuring notable industry leaders and a cover endorsement from the CEO of ICMM  Tom Butler.

This book considers the most contemporary innovations propelling the extractive industries forward while also creating new environmental and social challenges. The socio-ecological fabric of innovation in the extractive industries is considered through an integrative approach that brings together engineers, natural scientists, and social scientists—academics and practitioners—giving an empirically grounded and realistic evaluation of the innovations in this sector. It synthesizes a series of questions including:

  • Why have these sectors been historically slow to innovate?
  • What specific strategies can improve innovation and uptake of new technologies?
  • What new forms of technology will shape the sector in the decades ahead?
  • What impact will new technologies have on resource extraction and energy production?
  • How are digital technologies changing the competitive landscape and industry architecture?
  • How will new technologies impact sustainability of the sector and can technologies improve social performance and environmental stewardship?
  • And more!

"This wide-ranging compendium scans a broad horizon of current extractives industry issues, as well as offering some tantalizing glimpses into the future." —Tom Butler, CEO, International Council on Metals and Mining (ICMM), London, United Kingdom

"The mining and oil & gas industries are quickly becoming more technology-intensive, and this book helpfully examines many of the technological forces and innovations ushering in these changes around the world. I would highly recommend this book for anybody who needs to think about the future of these industries." 
— Rustem R. Shagiev, Moscow Petroleum Institute, Russia

Book available from and other online booksellers and bulk orders also possible at discount from directly from publisher’s web site and save 20% by entering promotion code FLR40.