Statistical Methods for Mineral Engineers heads for third reprint

31 August 2020
Emeritus Professor Tim Napier-Munn

Demand for the JKMRC monograph Statistical Methods for Mineral Engineers is showing no sign of slowing as the book is reprinted for a third time.

Written by Emeritus Professor Tim Napier-Munn, it is part of a set of seven books in JKMRC’s monograph series which are designed to help practitioners in mining operations, consulting, engineering services and research.

Statistical Methods for Mineral Engineers (available to order here) seeks to demystify the statistics most metallurgists learn at university through real world examples and walkthrough guides for statistical methods.

Emeritus Professor Napier-Munn said Statistical Methods for Mineral Engineers offers metallurgists a technical but easy-to-follow guide that provides powerful methodologies to manage decision-making.

“Plant metallurgists spend a lot of their time on process improvements; their job is to get another 100t/h through the mill or boost recovery a couple of percent, and undertaking experiments is central to that,” he said.

Statistical Methods for Mineral Engineers shows you how to properly design and run the experiments; you just flip to the right page and follow the instructions, then take the resulting data and calculate the risk of certain changes.

“There are a lot of very good books on statistics but none of them focus on mineral processing – this one does and has been written specifically so it makes sense to mine site metallurgists and assay chemists.”

Magotteaux Manager Metallurgy - Minerals Processing Research Dr Christopher Greet said Statistical Methods for Mineral Engineers should be a text every plant metallurgist has on their shelf.

“Conducting any form of trial in a concentrator is about determining if a new approach (anything from a new cyclone configuration to a different collector) can improve the process by comparing its performance with the current regime,” Chris said.

“Without an adequate statistical approach for the design, execution and analysis of the data generated it is highly unlikely that the metallurgist will be able to provide management with a definitive answer with any degree of confidence. 

“Tim’s book provides an excellent practical reference that when used correctly does yield results, and should be a standard text every plant metallurgist has on their book shelf.”

In his review of the book, AusIMM Metallurgical Society Chair and Newmont Corporation Director – Processing Aidan Giblett said it is a great resource for metallurgists.

“The book covers a large range of tools that can be used to better design experiments and analyse experimental data at laboratory and plant scale,” said Aidan.

 “Someone with little to no knowledge of the tools can quickly be directed to the right tool and the right instruction to design good experiments, or to conduct insightful data analysis.

“As a result the practitioner has the ability to translate vague conclusions and observations into clear demonstrable facts, supporting timely and value-adding decision making.”

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