SMI launches RAP Implementation Plan

11 May 2021

​The Sustainable Minerals Institute recently launched an implementation plan to support The University of Queensland’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). SMI’s plan ensures that both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and the SMI, benefit from a diverse range of new opportunities. 

UQ’s RAP was developed to build on existing work to support and encourage the celebration of diverse cultures and knowledges, and recognise the contributions that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to the University.

Dr Sarah Holcombe

SMI researcher Dr Sarah Holcombe worked with the Senior Leadership Team on the SMI RAP Implementation Plan, she said she hoped the Institute’s multi-pronged strategy would drive change.

“SMI is committed to creating further opportunities with and for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as potential HDR students and as staff,” she said.

“Likewise, through the programs we are implementing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who work for industry, and those who have an interest in the sector and have the cultural authority to engage with SMI and industry will be welcome. This will occur across a range of engagement platforms and as part of the SMI’s broader network.”

SMI’s Director Professor Neville Plint said the Institute’s establishment of a range of initiatives are aimed at embracing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s expertise and perspectives.

“SMI is outward facing and open to opportunities that embrace challenge, diversity and complexity,” he said.

“The SMI recognises that the resources industry has a complex relationship with Indigenous peoples, caused by their deep historical exclusion from employment in this industry along with other benefits, and this must change.

“We hope to increase cultural visibility and establish a culturally safe and welcoming space.”

Read SMI’s RAP Implementation Plan here