New arrivals at JKMRC

The Julius Kruttschnitt Mineral Research Centre (JKMRC) is happy to welcome Dr Kristy Nell and Dr Hafiz Ilyas to the group. Kristy and Hafiz recently started with the Advanced Process Prediction and Control (APPCo) program from JKMRC.  

Dr Hafiz Ilyas and Dr Kristy Nell at the UQ Indooroopilly mine site
Dr Hafiz Ilyas and Dr Kristy Nell

Kristy is a Chemical Engineer by training and worked as an engineer within South Africa's energy management and consulting industry for eight years. She has experience in government energy tax incentives and disincentives, energy savings quantification, energy and emissions budgeting, and reporting, specifically within the gold and platinum mining industries. She is also a Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP) and completed her PhD in the field of emission quantification within the ferrochrome industry. Kristy was recently appointed as a Research Fellow at JKMRC and will focus her work within the energy transition space. 

Hafiz is an Agricultural Engineer with a PhD in Environmental Management and Sustainable Development. He has research expertise in energy use and greenhouse gas emissions assessment and also holds several years of professional multi-disciplinary industry experience from New Zealand. He especially worked with different sectors of organisations, businesses, farms and manufacturing facilities to measure their operational and project level greenhouse gas emissions and identified potential emissions reduction options or mitigation strategies. 

Together, Kristy and Hafiz will form part of the energy transition and integration (ET&I) team and will engage in research around carbon emission monitoring and decarbonisation for mining industries and assist these industries in developing their pathway to ultimately achieving their sustainability targets. They are both excited to further contribute to this area of work and look forward to making a difference within the field of decarbonisation and energy transition. Their expertise, knowledge and research will, in essence, enable the mining industry to contribute towards a sustainable society. 

Last updated:
27 February 2023