Transforming process prediction for effective control

APPCo aims to transform unit process modelling and simulation, moving on from the steady-state models previously developed at JKMRC, to develop and apply new techniques that make greater use of data generated on-site and sensor technologies in combination with advanced process control, computational analytics and modelling techniques.

Research within the APPCo program will focus on the following foundation themes:

  • Integrated process prediction
  • Advanced ore characterisation for mechanistic modelling
  • Dynamic process modelling
  • Resource utilisation and sustainability metrics
  • Liberation modelling
  • Advanced data analytics
  • Instrumentation and soft sensors

Projects within this program

Mining the Corporate Memory (Collaboration with Endellion Technology)


Stress Intensity in stirred mills

Vacation Student Programs at JKMRC

Process Improvement Toolbox

Dynamic Generic Mill Model

Anglo American Centre for Sustainable Comminution

The cyanide socio-technical learning lab

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Management Tool