Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining

SMI-CSRM is a leading research centre committed to improving the social performance of the industry globally.

Our focus is on the social, cultural, economic and political challenges that occur when change is brought about by mineral resource extraction. SMI-CSRM contributes to industry change through independent research, teaching and by convening and participating in multi-stakeholder dialogue processes.

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Our Expertise

SMI-CSRM’s staff and students have in-depth knowledge of the mining and metals sector, at corporate and operational levels. Our multi-disciplinary orientation, our position within UQ, and our ability to conduct leading edge social science research, sets us apart.

   Our expertise

Where we work

SMI-CSRM works in the world’s major mining regions. We have research engagements throughout the Pacific, in Latin America, Asia, and sub-Saharan countries. In Australia our work has spanned all states and the Northern Territory.

    Where we work

What we do

Since 2001, SMI-CSRM has contributed to industry change towards sustainable development through social science research projects, advisory and consulting work, teaching, training and the convening of multi-stakeholder dialogue processes.

   What we do

Learn with us

SMI-CSRM is committed to building capacity among a diverse range of stakeholder groups to support responsible resource development. There are a number of ways to learn with us: postgraduate study, professional development, and other pathways.

    Learn with us

Who we are

We are a multi-disciplinary group of anthropologists, sociologists, political scientists, economists, engineers, development and natural resource specialists. SMI-CSRM is supported by an active network of Adjunct, Honorary and Industry Fellows.

   Who we are


General Enquiries

Email: csrm@uq.edu.au

Phone:+61 7 3346 4066

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Postal Address

Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining Level 6, 
Sir James Foots Building (47A), Crn College & Staff House Roads
The University of Queensland, St Lucia, Brisbane QLD 4072 Australia


Prof. Deanna Kemp

Email: d.kemp@smi.uq.edu.au

Phone: +61 3346 4204

Professional Development

Sarah MacKenzie

Email: s.mackenzie@uq.edu.au

Postgraduate Research

Dr Kathryn Sturman

Email: k.sturman@uq.edu.au