Fundamentals and Applications of Hyperspectral Technology Through Life of Mine Masterclass

Facilitators:      Katerina Savinova
Delivery:            Online
Cost:                  [All prices in AUD and exclude GST]
                           $100 Standard, $50 Students
Duration:          One day

Overview:  This one-day masterclass is designed for mining industry professionals with no prior experience in hyperspectral data interpretation nor working with hyperspectral imagery (including geologists, geoenvironmental scientists, metallurgists, mining and process engineers, and data geoscientists).  By the end, the participants will receive an introduction to the concept of remote sensing and have a strong foundation in reflectance spectroscopy, data imaging and generated numerical results for application to mining projects at various stages of operation.  A range of case studies will be presented as examples of practical use of hyperspectral data.  Discussions will include topics from across the resource value chain, from description and importance of recognizing an alteration halo in an exploration project through to mineralogical and textural analysis for metallurgical processing to mining waste characterization and geoenvironmental monitoring.

As a participant, this foundation course to hyperspectral data and imagery will equip you to:

  • Recognize different hyperspectral data sets, their advantages and limitations
  • Be familiar with various tools for distinguishing spectral signatures of select rock-forming minerals and working with hyperspectral images, including classified mineral maps
  • Understand the importance of mineralogy at various stages of mining operations
  • Know how to make practical use of the generated hyperspectral numerical and imagery data

Target audience:  The masterclass is designed to introduce geologists, geoenvironmental scientists, metallurgists, mining and process engineers, and data geoscientists to fundamentals of hyperspectral data, its interpretation and application, as well as to generate a discussion on how to bridge different stages of mining operations with a common mineralogical thread. 

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