Geometallurgy at the SMI

Geometallurgical understanding is fundamental to the optimal operation of any mine and processing facility.  This understanding can shed light on a wide range of key questions including:

  • What fundamental geological processes have produced the key variations in physical ore characteristics that will affect comminution and separation?
  • How can we improve the way these variations are measured, mapped, and incorporated into mineral processing strategies?
  • How can we improve the feedback loop between mine and process performance and predictive orebody models?
  • How can we understand, predict and mitigate the effects of deleterious elements and ore characteristics in order to minimise environmental footprints?

The SMI Production Centre (the JKMRC and BRC) brings an unparalleled combination of expertise to the facets of this fundamental linkage, including specialists and students in geology, geochemistry, geophysics, metallurgy, mineralogy, mineral processing, data analysis and engineering.

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Presentations from a February 2018 SMI Geometallurgical Workshop:

Geometallurgy at the Sustainable Minerals Institute - Rick Valenta

Geometallurgical research at SMI-JKMRC – building the foundations - Cathy Evans

The Use of Corescan Images in Predicting Breakage Characteristics - Anh Nguyen

Investigating textural drivers for separation performance in a variable and complex ore body - Kate Tungpalan, Elaine Wightman

Linking quantitative mineralogy and texture to breakage properties of rocks at microscale - Pia Lois Morales

High Voltage Pulse Technology – Its association with Geometallurgy - Frank Shi, Christian Antonio, Kym Runge

Integrated Process Prediction - Malcolm Powell

A geometrical texture model for geometallurgical separation prediction - Marko Hilden

Geometallurgy and Energy (determining primary rock properties) - Grant Ballantyne, Ben Bonfils

Rock Mass Characterisation for Mine to Mill Processes - Sarma Kanchibotla

Understanding the Breakage Behaviour of Rocks in the Context of Weathering - Farhad Faramarzi

Rock Mass Characterisation using MWD - Constanza Paredes

Surface chemistry and flotation – A potential application in GeoMet - Susana Brito e Abreu