Governance and Leadership

What are effective and innovative approaches in ensuring that the outcomes from mineral developments add value to all stakeholders across the lifecycle?

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Program Leader

Professor Daniel Franks

Professor Daniel Franks

Program Leader
Governance and Leadership in Mining

Over the last two decades since the Global Mining Initiative and MMSD project there has been a continued focus by governments, mining companies and other stakeholders on the question of how mining activities contribute to sustainable development outcomes for the local and regional communities where they operate. Mining companies have increasingly sought to engage in the debate around development, and a large number of policy frameworks and guidance documents have been produced on all sides. However, the practical implementation of these frameworks raises many challenges, particularly in the area of governance roles and organisation design when multiple objectives and disciplines are involved.

The aim of the Governance and Organisation program is to develop a cross-cutting research agenda which integrates different aspects of resource governance, with a focus on building an evidence base of the effectiveness of different approaches to policy and regulatory issues, as well as company and collaborative management initiatives.

  • How effective are the various approaches to mineral policy and regulatory frameworks in delivering positive development outcomes for local and regional stakeholders?
  • How do mining companies factor in sustainable development factors into their decision-making processes?
  • How do organisations organise themselves internally and collaboratively to design, operate and close mining and processing operations?