High Reliability Organisations (HRO) Forum

March 2021

The High Reliability Organisations (HRO) Forum, was held at Customs House and via Zoom on 25 March 2021. If you attended the event either virtually or in person, we'd appreciate if you could complete our feedback form.

Video recording of the Forum

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Resources companies are being increasingly encouraged to adopt 'High Reliability Organisation principles' as part of a journey towards improved safety and health, and other outcomes. But what, exactly, does this mean? And how can higher reliability be achieved?

The High Reliability Organisations (HRO) Forum synthesized the 34 year history of HRO research, explored key practical issues including: the role of leadership in entrenching a culture of high reliability; implications for regulators; coupling innovation with high reliability and measuring reliability.

Speakers were drawn from across UQ's Schools of Psychology, Business, and Law; as well as subject matter experts from within the SMI itself, please see below table to download the papers and presentations from the event.

The HRO forum was hosted by The University of Queensland's Sustainable Minerals Institute (SMI); and kindly supported by Kate du Preez, the Commissioner for Resources Safety and Health, BHP, BMA and Anglo American.


What do we really know about HROs?

download download Susan Johnston

The Two-Stage Social Identity Model of High Reliability Organisations

download download Jolanda Jetten and Alex Haslam

HRO and Environmental Management

download download Claire Cote

Regulating For A Culture Of High Reliability

download download Vicky Comino

Innovation and HROs

download download Tim Kastelle

Revisiting the Age of Uncertainty: Reliability and Social Performance

download download Kathryn Sturman

What would a HRO roadmap look like?

download download Michael Collins


Wrap up and pathway forward