Specialises in the legal and corporate regulation of Petroleum Extraction, and Mining, as well as Community Consultation and the Social License to Operate. 

Current Project: Can Artisanal Food Production Coexist with Unconventional Petroleum Extraction?: A Comparative Legal Ethnography

The project involves undertaking a socio-economic and environmental assessment of the impacts of natural resource extraction on artisanal food production regions in Scotland, England and Australia, as part of a PhD thesis. The research aims are to understand both the positive and negative impacts of unconventional gas extraction on Artisanal food products, where there is an exploitable reserve beneath those valuable food producing regions.  The research also seeks to find potential solutions for co-existence between these mutually valuable resources . The research explores these questions by engaging with  key stakeholders in government, industry, civil society and the community. 


Ron Janjua holds various degrees including a Bachelors with Honours in Global Political Economy from York University in Toronto Canada; a Masters of Science in International Relations from the London School of Economics in London UK; a Juris Doctor of Laws from Bond University, Queensland Australia; and a  Master of Laws in Natural Resource Law from the T.C. Beirne School of Law at The University of Queensland in Australia; as well as a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice from Bond University, Queensland Australia.  

Ron also holds a Graduate Diploma in Gestalt theory and methodology from the Gestalt Institute of Toronto, Canada, where he gained experience as a trainee psychotherapist, and was educated in relating to individuals in a supportive and professional manner.  Ron has also had training in community consultation, mediation and conflict resolution, and has also taken courses in Free Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) from the Sustainable Minerals Institute.  

Ron is also a licensed lawyer in Canada as well as in Australia, and has represented clients in matters including litigation, and mediation. He is also a lecturer at Griffith law School, and lectures in areas including International Mining Law, Food Law and Policy, Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility. Ron also performs research related to the interconnections between legal, socio-economic and environmental factors. Ron's has had to consistently maintain a high ethical standard that complies with legislative requirements in both Australia and Canada while working with and advising clients to ensure that their information is kept strictly confidential, and only utilizsd for their authorised purposes. Ron also researches and writes and has been published, on community impacts related to extraction. 


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