Flotation Laboratory Training at JKMRC for ARC Students

During February, the JKMRC Flotation Chemistry Group had the great pleasure of hosting visiting PhD students from the University of Melbourne and Monash University for a week.

Daniel Dodo, Danesh Perera, Samadhi Fernando and Yuxi Liu worked very hard to improve their metallurgical laboratory skills with the help of Dr Ünzile Yenial Arslan and Lucia Dzinza. They specifically worked on the selective separation of chalcopyrite and pyrite from complex sulphide ores.

Lucia Dzinza, Liza Forbes, Daniel Dodo, Yuxi Liu, Danesh Perera, Samadhi Fernando, Ünzile Yenial Arslan group photo
Left to right: Lucia, Liza, Daniel, Yuxi, Danesh, Samadhi, Ünzile

Selective separation of sulphide minerals can be highly complex, and many steps should be carefully taken before flotation. The mineral liberation and manipulation of surface chemistry is the key driver for decision-making to successfully achieve the selective separation process.

The student team spent four days in crushing, grinding and flotation laboratories to increase their hands in laboratory experience using the relevant devices. They found enough time to discuss different cause and result relationships, particularly pertinent to their PhD topics.

Samadhi Fernando, Ünzile Yenial Arslan, Danesh Perera, Yuxi Liu, and Daniel Dodo wearing PPE in the lab
Left to right: Samadhi, Unzile, Danesh, Yuxi and Daniel


ARC students performing flotation test and Chalcopyrite froth
Left image: ARC students performing flotation test. Right image: Chalcopyrite froth

The Flotation Chemistry Research Group is led by Associate Professor Liza Forbes and specialises in base metal sulphide flotation systems, focusing on reagent chemistry (both novel and traditional), water properties, mineral surface chemistry and electrochemistry, as well as advanced surface analysis. The group runs flotation laboratory training as part of the collaboration and knowledge transfer efforts within the ARC Centre of Excellence for Enabling Eco-Efficient Beneficiation of Minerals.

Last updated:
9 March 2023