Deep Mining Geoscience

The Deep Mining Geosciences (DMG) Group provides world-class geoscientifc insights for all stages of deep mass  mining, from discovery to recovery, including  the investigation of new and/or modified mass mining methods, particularly deep, high column cave mines, tailored to optimise the extraction of ore reserves and to minimise the effects of geohazards.

Given the anticipated large scale of future mass mines and their deep and harsh mining environments, unforeseen geo-risks could have catastrophic consequences. The mining industry can no longer afford to continue to ‘cut and paste’ mine-designs that were developed for a completely different mining environment. Applying past state-of-the-art, empirical relations that stretch beyond the supporting data introduces an unacceptable level of risk into mine design, which could cost the industry and ultimately attract the attention of regulatory authorities and in some cases increase sovereign risk.

New and/or modified mass mining methods, tailored to optimise the extraction of ore reserves and to minimise the effects of geohazards will avert billions of dollars in unforeseen losses to mining companies and society, and enable the mining industry to secure the mineral/metal production to meet the future demand.

text 'Geoscience characterisation' over background of core drill samples

text 'Deep Mining Geo-Risks' over background of downward mineshaft

text 'Rock Mass Conditioning' over rock texture background'

text 'Mass Flow' over background of mound of dirt and minerals

text 'Mining Method Improvements' over background of mining equipment

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Leading the Program is Professor Andre van As, who has worked on geoscience issues relating to mass underground mining (caving) operations and projects for the past 30 years.

Read the Deep Mass Mining White Paper


Group Leader

Professor Andre van As

+61 7 3365 5875

Program Team

Batbayar Batkhuu