Deep Mining Geology - the State of the Art

Facilitators: Professor Rick Valenta (Course Coordinator)
                       Adjunct Professor Dan Wood (Exploration for deep orebodies)
                       Associate Professor Paul Gow (Managing geological studies)
                       Professor Gideon Chitombo (Underground Mass Mining)
Delivery:       Online, and in person options
Cost:             [All prices in AUD and exclude GST]
                       Online - $800 Standard, $400 Students
                       In person - $1100 Standard, $550 Students
Duration:      3 days
Overview:  In recent years, discovery and mining of open-pittable deposits has become more challenging; and in the face of growing environmental and social responsibilities, the Mining Industry is increasingly looking for deeper prospects especially where underground mass mining could be employed. This professional development course is strongly based on the very successful SEG series on Mining and Geology, edited by Dan Wood and Jeff Hedenquist.  It addresses the foundational processes, practices and requirements for effective application of geology in a deep mining environment and will draw upon a diverse range of Australian good practice; including practical approaches, practical examples and international standards. The course includes opportunities to learn from experts in the field, from targeted case studies and from each other via interactive activities.
Participants will learn about the main themes of importance to modern Deep Mining Geology, including an overview of the range of technical topics relevant to successful geological practice in this setting.  The course will also touch on some of the important exploration themes particular to the search for deep mines.  The importance of knowledge and awareness of allied disciplines of mining engineering, metallurgy, geotechnical aspects and others will also be emphasised.  Topics to be addressed will include:
  • Introduction and overview of geology and mining
  • Introduction to what modern exploration will require of explorers in DMG space
  • Feasibility study issues
  • Mine planning issues
  • Geotechnical issues
  • Cave mining issues
  • Narrow-width mining issues
  • Diamond drilling
  • Metallurgical issues
  • Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves
  • Geometallurgical issues
  • Water issues
  • Social Performance - Exploration and Mining context
  • Mine closure issues
Target audience:  Mining and exploration geoscientists at all levels;  Interested parties with basic geological knowledge from other mining-related professions.
At the end of this course, participants will have developed an enhanced understanding of some of the key issues relating to deep mining geology including
  • The importance of geology to the deep mining and exploration process
  • An understanding of deep mining as it is currently practiced including underground mass mining and narrow vein mining
  • Some of the important technical themes surrounding Deep Mining including geological studies for deep mine development; mine planning; geotechnical issues; metallurgy and geometallurgy; geotechnical studies; and diamond drilling
  • An enhanced appreciation of Environment, Social and Governance topics of growing importance to deep mining such as social performance; water issues; and mine closure.