Greenhouse Gas Emissions Management Tool for the mining industry

Facilitator: Dr Mehdi Azadi
Cost:  AUD $250.00 [excl GST]
Delivery:  In person (Brisbane) and Online options
Duration: 5.25hrs

Overview:  This workshop showcases the development and application of the “Greenhouse Gas Emissions Management Tool”, developed by SMI researchers.

The workshop offers a background of System Dynamics, and the model development approach for mapping GHG emissions across the mine to metal value chain, as well as mitigation opportunities, emission reduction targets, and decarbonisation initiatives evaluation.

Participants of this workshop will learn about the fundamentals of System Dynamics, and its applications in addressing a complex issue such as GHG management in resource industry.

A detailed demonstration of “Greenhouse Gas Emissions Management Tool” will be provided, with an opportunity for you to receive hands-on experience with “Greenhouse Gas Emissions Management Tool” by solving a practical example.

In addition, you will gain a good understanding of the application of system thinking to address multidisciplinary and complex issues in a dynamic environment, such as GHG management and decarbonisation in the resource industry.

Target Audience:  This workshop can be of interest to a diverse range of backgrounds of varying levels.

Participants are expected to bring a laptop to the workshop to work with the “Greenhouse Gas Emissions Management Tool”, which is web-based and available online at SMI’s website.

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