The Greenhouse Gas Emissions Management Tool is designed to support the mining industry in improving its carbon footprint and energy consumption strategy and enabling decarbonisation in the industry. The tool uses a system thinking approach to identify the inherent dependency of the variables affecting the carbon emissions in mining operations and maps the greenhouse gas emissions within the operations. Furthermore, decarbonisation using emission mitigation pathways, based on our recent study published in Nature Geoscience, is implemented in the model. The tool allows users to simulate emission mitigation scenarios and reduction targets and their effects on the entire production chain.

Run the simulation tool here:

The tool is a work in progress research, and the JKMRC team are looking for industry support and partnership, aiming to expand this line of research. The aim is to develop models and tools to help the industry meet its decarbonisation targets, cost-saving by reducing energy consumption and optimisation. At the same time, those tools can address the social demands and issues associated with mining operations' footprint.

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Dr Gordon Forbes
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Project members

Dr Gordon Forbes

Dr Gordon Forbes

Senior Research Fellow
Professor Rick Valenta

Professor Rick Valenta

Director (Acting)
Sustainable Minerals Institute
Professor Mohsen Yahyaei

Professor Mohsen Yahyaei

Julius Kruttschnitt Mineral Research Centre
Program Leader
Future Autonomous Systems & Technologies (FAST)