JKMRC Research

The Julius Kruttschnitt Minerals Research Centre (JKMRC) creates industry impact through applied research and knowledge transfer in mineral processing technologies.

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Advanced Process Prediction and Control Group

The Advanced Process Prediction and Control (APPCo) Group pioneers and implements cutting-edge solutions for real-time process prediction and optimisation. The group’s goal is to enhance the Advance Process Control (APC) platforms in the industry, elevating their performance and efficiency by deploying its real-time process prediction solutions.

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High-Temperature Processing Group

The High-Temperature Processing (HTP) Group advances metal production, both ferrous and non-ferrous to meet the growing global demand for elemental metals while also focusing on the sustainable reuse and recycling of secondary resources.

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Energy Transition and Integration

The Energy Transition and Integration (ET&I) Group accelerates transformational changes in how the mining industry meets net-zero targets, obtains and consumes energy, and integrates activities across the mining value chain business cycle. 

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Separation Group

The Separation Group develops mineral separation processes to achieve improved profitability resource utilisation, and minimise environmental impact in the mining industry. It also  develops the modelling capability to enable these technologies to be evaluated in the context of a circuit flowsheet.

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Flotation Chemistry

The Flotation Chemistry Group works to improves the base metal sulphide flotation systems, focusing on reagent chemistry (both novel and traditional), water properties, mineral surface chemistry and electrochemistry as well as advanced surface analysis.

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ARC Centre of Excellence for Enabling Eco-Efficient Beneficiation of Minerals

The University of Queensland is one of seven universities partnering on sustainable minerals processing through this Centre of Excellence, and the UQ Node is based at JKMRC. The Centre’s research focuses on the core of minerals processing – particle size – and how coarser particles can increase robustness, efficiency, and speed of separation and, therefore, energy efficiency.

See the COEMinerals UQ Node

Collaborative Consortium for Coarse Particle Processing Research

The Collaborative Consortium for Coarse Particle Processing Research (CPR)Consortium aims to develop improved energy efficiency for mineral processing operations. It focuses on the multidisciplinary aspects of coarse particle processing such as flotation, comminution, classification, and equipment design and process chemistry.

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The Resources Centre of Excellence

JKMRC is a research partner in the Resources Centre of Excellence in Mackay. The Centre’s focus is to drive innovation, collaboration and advancement in the mining industry on a global scale to shape the future of the METS and resources sector. The Centre’s partners are drawn from industry, government, education providers, researchers and the community.

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