Separation Group

The development and implementation of new separation technologies is becoming increasingly important as the “easy to treat” resources become depleted.

The resources industry is facing the need to economically extract lower grade and more complex ore deposits.  One can no longer solve these problems by making equipment bigger. There is a need to process smarter.



The Separation Group aims to develop mineral separation processes to achieve improved profitability resource utilisation, and minimise environmental impact in the mining industry. 

The Group also develops the modelling capability required to enable these technologies to be evaluated in the context of a circuit flowsheet.

High Voltage Pulse (HVP) Comminution Pretreatment

HVP Technology has the potential to be a game changer for the industry, reducing energy use and separation efficiencies by preweakening the ore and promoting selective breakage to enable preconcentation by screening and improving liberation. 

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The JKHFmini aims to accelerate the technology’s adoption by providing a method to measure the technology’s performance at a small scale, which is critical for predicting full-scale performance.

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