Loreto holds a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering, a Master degree in Control Management and Graduate Diploma in Python and Data Science. Loreto has a vast experience in mangement control system, process control, quality management system, strategic planning which she have acquired through leading positions at the Universidad Católica del Norte and the University of Antofagasta in Chile. These higher responsibilties have allowed Loreto to work collaboratively with all academics and staff units. Her research experience began during my studies for a master's degree, in which Loreto graduated with the highest distinction. Through collaborations with professors  Loreto developed a growing interest in investigating human factor engineering in industrial settings. Simultaneously, Loreto was thesis supervisor of undergraduate students, lecturer of postgraduate MEng Course of Project I, II and III. Loreto was awarded the Chilean Scholarship (Becas Chile) from the National Agengy for Research and Development, ANID, to pursue a doctoral degree at the University of Queensland, Australia.

In her early career she worked as a Project Manager in the Mining Cluster Program in The Chilean Economic Development Agency (CORFO) where she managed international projects by designing and organising Technology Missions to Canada in collaboration with the Canadian Ministry of Northern Development and Mines. Also, Loreto worked in program along with Professors from Laurentian University, Canada, and coordinated the Local Entrepreneurship Program, which gained the support of 24 public and private institutions.

Researcher biography

Automation has increased the complexity of the role of operators and their teams in mining. Issues such as the lack of understanding of the dynamics of the automation processes, failures to predict future actions of control that were most effective, passive role in control rooms, overreliance, and trust problems can be linked to a lower level of situation awareness (SA), which is crucial for effective decision making and control in dynamic systems. According to diverse researchers, achieving situation awareness is critical if safety is to be accomplished in hazardous industries. 

My research addresses relevant problems in automation implementation in the mining industry, specifically in situation awareness research at the system level. Therefore, a comprehensive understanding of how SA can be developed and maintained in a mining context will lead to expanding the SA measurement application with a system approach in a different context. Furthermore, researching to improve system SA in sociotechnical systems is crucial for safety and productivity. 


Professor Maureen Hassall
Professor Robin Burgess-Limerick
Dr Danellie Lynas
Dr Nikodem Rybak
Dr Eryn Grant


Cossani, Gianfranco & Codoceo, Loreto & Caceres, Hernan & Tabilo, Jorge. (2022). Technical efficiency in Chile’s higher education system: A comparison of Rankings and Accreditation. Evaluation and Program Planning. 92. 102058. 10.1016/j.evalprogplan.2022.102058.