As part of the NW Mineral Province New Discovery Program, the BRC is compiling an atlas of many of the major deposits in the Northwest Mineral Province.  Outpouts from this project will serve as a resource for explorers to improve their capability to recognise the signatures and haloes of major deposits in the region, and to provide material which is complementary to the core collections being assembled in the Mount Isa Core Library.

Chapter 1 - IntroductionChapter 2 - Mount IsaChapter 3 - Ernest HenryChapter 4 - Selwyn RegionChapter 5 - Cannington, Pegmont and Maronan

 Mount Isa 3D AtlasErnest Henry 3D AtlasSelwyn Region 3D Atlas

Cannington 3D Atlas

Pegmont 3D Atlas

Maronan 3D Atlas

Chapter 6 - Osborne and KulthorChapter 7 - EloiseChapter 8 - Lady Loretta/AnnieChapter 9 - GunpowderChapter 10 - Century-Grevillea

Osborne-Kulthor 3D AtlasEloise 3D AtlasLady Loretta/Annie 3D AtlasGunpowder 3D AtlasCentury-Grevillea 3D Atlas
Chapter 11 - George FisherChapter 12 - E1Chapter 13 - RocklandsChapter 14 - Tick HillChapter 15 - Kalman

George Fisher 3D AtlasE1 3D AtlasRocklands 3D AtlasTick Hill 3D AtlasKalman 3D Atlas
Chapter 16 - Dugald RiverChapter 17 - RosebyChapter 18 - Mary KathleenChapter 19 - Walford CreekChapter 20 - Ardmore

Dugald River 3D AtlasRoseby 3D AtlasMary Kathleen 3D AtlasWalford Creek 3D AtlasArdmore 3D Atlas
Chapter 21 - Valhalla

Valhalla 3D Atlas

The 3D Atlas datasets are compiled in in Geoscience Analyst, a free 3D visualization and communication software for integrated, multi-disciplinary earth models and data.  Download it here

Project members

Professor Nick Cook

Professor Nick Cook

Group Leader - Total Deposit Knowledge
Dr Nathan Fox

Dr Nathan Fox

Senior Research Fellow