A Water Chemistry Atlas for the Gas Fields

The Water Atlas was developed using the State's groundwater database and CSG company data. The aim was to create a publicaly available open access product that displayed groundwater data in the context of local and regional geology including tools for analysis. 3D Water Atlas

CWiMI, in partnership with the Centre for Coal Seam Gas, delivered on milestones for three projects.

The Water Atlas Feasibility study created visualisation and analytical tools with the aim of enabling non-specialists to extract, analyse and view water chemistry and geology data simultaneously. The project outcomes will be used in the next stage of research, Development of a water chemistry atlas for the Surat Basin CSG areas.

The Groundwater Uses project will achieve better estimates of abstraction volumes for non-CSG related activities in the Surat and Bowen Basins. The estimates are critical inputs to numerical models that are currently used to assess the potential impacts of CSG production on groundwater resources.

Similarly Recharge estimation in the Surat Basin seeks to improve estimates of groundwater recharge in the Surat Basin for use in models through a better understanding of the mechanisms of recharge.


Project members

Sue Vink

Sue Vink

Principal Research Fellow