Wildlife Dispersal Modelling for Road Mitigation Purposes

Wildlife Dispersal Modelling for Road Mitigation Purposes (Kenya)

Identification of wildlife crossing locations to mitigate the effects of a proposed expressway

The Kenya project work assesses the environmental impacts of anthropogenic activities and disturbance on ecosystems, particularly in the context of new infrastructure rather than mining. We are modelling the movements of a suit of mammal species to understand the effects that a proposed Expressway will have on wildlife across a large area of Kenya. This modelling will be used to the propose mitigation strategies and assess the most appropriate locations for the placement of wildlife crossings. 


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Project members

Dr Lorna Hernandez Santin

Dr Lorna Hernandez-Santin

Research Fellow
Peter Erskine

Professor Peter Erskine

Centre for Mined Land Rehabilitation
Group Leader
Ecosystem Assessment, Restoration and Resilience