• Classification of weed (Parkinsonia aculeata)

    Detection of weed species using high-resolution drone imagery and object based image analysis

    Invasive weeds are considered to be one of the major threats to the long-term success of post-mine rehabilitation. Therefore, many mine sites closely monitor the presence, abundance, distribution, and spread of weed species in their rehabilitated areas. Monitoring for weeds is traditionally carried out through ground-based field work and visual assessments. However, these methods can be slow, costly, and labour intensive. In contrast, remote sensing can help overcome these issues by monitoring large areas of land for detecting and controlling weeds. Until recently, remote sensing techniques had limitations that impeded the monitoring of weed species.
  • SMI 3MT Virtual Heat Competition

    This year celebrates the 13th year of the Three Minute Thesis Competition (3MT®) at The University of Queensland (UQ). Due to the worldwide coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, increasing social distancing measures and public gathering restrictions being implemented, the decision has been made to move the 2020 UQ 3MT Competition to a virtual format (video submission).


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