Student Testimonials

SMI Community

Joyce Siong
"One of my favourite thing about studying at SMI is the diversity. SMI is a unique place. Other than interacting with people from all over the world with different disciplines and cultural backgrounds, SMI is highly connected with the industry where it offers us a lot of opportunities to diversify our skillsets and practical experience."
Nena Bulovic
"My favourite thing about doing a PhD at SMI would have to be the people! The community is warm and supportive, and made up of people of diverse backgrounds and interests. I have also been lucky to have numerous travel, networking and career development opportunities for life beyond the PhD, be it in academia, industry or government."
Karan Jain
"The diverse and inclusive community at SMI is a highlight! Also, SMI with its strong ties with the resources industry has helped me gain valuable industry exposure throughout my candidature. Undertaking PhD at SMI has been great. In my case, I had the freedom to develop my PhD under very supportive supervisors."
Ziming Ye
"It is so great studying and working with people from many countries at SMI. You can get in touch with different cultures and build your network around the world. People are very kind and helpful, even though I am from overseas and English is not my first language. If you want to broaden your horizons and get amazing experience, join in our SMI family."
Hayla Miceli
"Doing a PhD is never an easy task but being able to do it in an environment like SMI makes things easier. SMI has a diverse cohort of students, from different backgrounds and past experiences. At SMI you have huge exposure to the industry, access to leading technologies and experts from all mining-related areas."

SMI Expertise

Rocio Vargas Soto
"Working in geometallurgy at SMI has been the best decision since I have received continuous support from experts from geology, metallurgy and data analysis. I believe this is a unique place where you find experts throughout the entire mining value chain."
Sandy Warden
"You will have access to global experts and study in a multi-disciplinary environment so that you learn how to collaborate with other disciplinary specialists. Working with them gave me a strong foundation for my academic career."
Daniel Lay
"The collection of people you would be working with and the type of work you would be able to do is unique, and not likely to be found elsewhere. I found it to be a very rewarding experience."
Philip Nkrumah
"I was privileged to be mentored by globally recognised authorities in my research field. I was also introduced to a wide range of world class facilities as well as people from all around the world."

Working with Industry

Eléonore Lèbre
"I have never worked in the industry, so being able to access mine sites and interview mining professionals was extremely valuable for my PhD. By studying at SMI you get the best of two worlds: you are part of a large academic institution, but you also have access to the industry."
Roger Tang
"Being at SMI has helped me "dive deep" into the sector which wasn't possible to do in the UK. Having many fields of mining from environmental to social in one building has helped me broaden my understanding of the sector."

Work Environment

Torben Wuestemann
"One thing that has impressed me from the start is the “can do” atmosphere here at the SMI. A big part of that is the wide range of skills and experiences that people at the SMI have and which combine to find new ways of doing things."
Olivia Mejías
"SMI has a pleasant work environment, that helps students feel positive and motivated. Undoubtedly, a PhD brings stress and anxiety, however, SMI has mental health and wellness support for students and workers."