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CSRM researchers focus on a wide range of social and community issues and also lead and participate in research collaborations with industry, governments, civil society, local communities, Indigenous Peoples, and inter-governmental organisations in order to build knowledge for practical application.

Impacts of a just transition for communities affected by mining

Demand for minerals and metals to support a global energy transition will have a significant impact on communities affected by mining.

For some, fossil fuel projects will close, taking jobs and local businesses in their wake, for others mining operations for critical minerals will scale up and pose risks and opportunities for local communities and environments.  

CSRM researchers are working to understand and highlight the risks many communities are facing and how the idea of ‘just transition’ will play out on the ground.

Selected projects and publications

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Community-Smart Consultation & Consent Project (CSCC)

A 5-year initiative implemented by LandesaRESOLVEConservation International and CSRM, funded by the BHP Foundation

The project aims to improve, and ‘close the gap’, on effective governance of natural resources. 

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ARC Linkage Projects

Industrial disasters, disclosure deficits: Can transparency level the playing field?

This is a 3-year project involving CSRM, Anglo American, Newcrest, the University of British Columbia in Canada, and the University of the Free State in South Africa. The project aims to drive transformational change in the public disclosure requirements of mine tailings information.

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Public lessons, private interests: Do inquiries promote industry change?

This is a 3-year project involving CSRM, the Australian national university, Newmont and RESOLVE. The project investigates the usefulness of independent inquiries as a means of responding to major issues and community grievances for different stakeholder groups. It also draws on lessons learned in conventional government led commissions of inquiry.

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Social Aspects of Mine Closure Research Consortium

The Social Aspects of Mine Closure Research Consortium was a three-year multi-party, industry-university research collaboration. The consortium was established in 2019 to conduct research that challenged accepted industry norms and practices, and demanded new approaches that placed people at the centre of mine closure.

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Mining Resettlement is an initiative of The University of Queensland's Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining. It is a multi-party, industry-university research collaboration on mining and resettlement in order to build knowledge for practical application.

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