Development Minerals

To facilitate the continued growth of research capacity and partnerships, the Development Minerals Program has been elevated to a research centre.

The Global Centre for Mineral Security was established in May 2024.

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The Development Minerals Strategic Program was established in 2020 and undertook research, education, technical assistance and capacity building on the local materials most important for local development.

The Development Minerals Program worked collaboratively with a wide range of international development partners to improve sustainability and human development outcomes from Development Minerals, and to help realise the UN Sustainable Development Goals, particularly at the local level where minerals and materials are mined, processed, manufactured, and used.

The Program worked on a wide range of issues related to sustainable development.

  • Enabling livelihoods
  • Urbanisation and infrastructure
  • Sustainable materials and resource efficiency
  • Reconstruction, peace, and security
  • Green industrialisation and agriculture