How does process water affect your plant’s performance?

Water scarcity is a major challenge for the mining industry. As mining companies focus on developing sustanainble processing technologies, efficient water management practices are of growing interest.

Recycling water on site has the potential to reduce both freshwater consumption and wastewater emissions.

This project developed by The University of Queensland’s Sustainable Minerals Institute draws on the expertise of researchers at the Julius Kruttschnitt Mineral Research Centre (JKMRC) and the International Centre of Excellence in Chile (SMI-ICE-Chile). The project aims to evaluate the effect of process water chemistry on flotation performance and devise treatment strategies for recycling water into the mineral processing plant.  

The proposed work program will enhance our understanding of water chemistry and translate this knowledge into the practical implementation of a water recycling strategy. It will also contribute towards the global challenges of reducing adverse environmental impacts and water consumption.


Project benefits

  • Understanding of the impact of process water on the flotation performance
  • Identification of the key chemistry mechanisms driving flotation
  • Development of process water treatment strategies for recycling water in the plant whilst maximising flotation performance
  • Implementation of cost-effective options on the mine site
  • Reduction in usage of water resources and environmental impact

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