Research expertise

The Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining's (CSRM) staff and students have in-depth expert knowledge of the extractives sector, in particular the mining sector.

They have connections across different disciplines in the Sustainable Minerals Institute and The University of Queensland (UQ) and examine issues within a broader context.

The Centre's multi-disciplinary orientation, position within UQ, and ability to conduct leading edge social science research, is what sets CSRM apart in the education and extractives sector.

11. Conflict

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Conflict is steadily emerging as a major research and policy agenda in the global mining industry. CSRM has led cutting edge research in this arena. Our work shows the high costs borne by mining companies, governments and local communities when industrial practices are poor and regulatory safeguards fail.

CSRM’s research agenda focuses on the implications of conflict in mining regions and communities.

In addition to our international program of research in countries like Peru, Papua New Guinea, and Mongolia, CSRM is actively involved in examining land use conflict in rural and regional Australia, where mining, energy and agricultural industries compete.

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