Centre for Water in the Minerals Industry



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The Centre for Water in the Minerals Industry (CWiMI) aims to be recognised as a leading research centre for supporting sustainable management of water in the minerals and energy industries

CWiMI supports the sustainable management of water in the minerals sector. The team contributes to solving the engineering, environmental and social challenges of water management and engages with a wide range of research organisations and stakeholders in Australia and internationally. The Centre’s research is funded principally by selected mining companies who are committed to sustainability performance.

The water related challenges that the mining and gas industries face span operational, social and environmental considerations. CWiMI’s research falls within four themes to address these considerations.

Water Management

CWiMI has pioneered approaches that promote efficiency, transparency, reduced costs, and lower risks for mine water management. CWiMI promotes sustainable water management to help the minerals industry secure enough water for production and operate in appropriate locations, whilst minimising negative environmental impacts and maintaining a social licence to operate.

Hydrology and Hydrogeology

CWiMI is helping the mining and gas industries effectively manage their water interactions. CWiMI’s goal is to accurately quantify and advise on surface and subsurface hydrological risks that can affect mine and gas operations.

Hydrochemistry and Aquatic Ecology

CWiMI is helping the mining and gas industries achieve effective management of water and protection of freshwater ecosystems. CWiMI’s goal is to understand water quantity and quality interactions in surface and ground water systems to promote ecologically sustainable development and to provide expert advice on catchment water management.

Society and Water

Water is society’s most precious resource. It is vital for human existence and often has a social value that is difficult to measure. CWiMI, working with SMI’s Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining, creates the capability for the mining and gas industries to incorporate social considerations into its water management practices.