Complex Orebodies Presentation Day 2020

The UQ-supported Complex Orebodies Strategic Program is reaching the end of its third year of operation, and has grown to a large collaborative initiative with participation across many UQ research groups and over 27 companies. The aim of this meeting is to provide researchers and other interested parties with an overview of the research programs underway, along with their outcomes and forward plans.

The aim of the presentations will be to provide a high-level description of each project and its importance to the unlocking of complex orebodies. Presenters will also highlight the collaborations achieved within UQ and with external institutions, as well as the external support received by the project. The forum will also provide an opportunity for presenters and participants to reflect on the opportunities that have been created by the strategic support provided for the program.

Presentations will cover all of the themes identified in the original Complex Orebodies plan, including:

  • Understanding Complex Orebodies - mapping the full range of TESG Challenges
  • Social Footprints and Data - addressing the knowledge required to improve the social performance and outcomes of mining
  • Low Footprint Processing - reducing the footprint of mining operations
  • Variability and Flexibility - challenging the paradigm of “bigger is better”
  • Energy and Efficiency - transformative mining and processing

Time Topic Collaborating  Groups Presenter(s)
0900 - 0910 Introduction   Professor Neville Plint
0910 - 0930 Complex Orebodies Program Overview   Professor Rick Valenta
0930 - 0950 High Voltage Pulse JKMRC; BRC; HUST University Professor Frank Shi
0950 - 1010 Coarse Particle Flotation JKMRC; School of Chemical Engineering Associate Professor Kym Runge, Dr Liza Forbes
1010 - 1030 Renewable Energy Production and Biodiversity School of Earth and Environmental Sciences Dr Laura Sonter
1030 - 1050 Global Potential for the Energy Transition CSRM Dr Kamila Svobodova
1050 - 1110
Morning Tea
1110 - 1130 Tailings Disclosures Development Minerals Program Professor Daniel Franks
1130 - 1150 Just Transitions CSRM Associate Professor Nick Bainton
1150 - 1210 Regional Water Supplies in Mining Regions CWIMI; SMI-ICE-Chile Dr Liliana Pagliero
1210 - 1230 Phytomining Queensland CMLR; School of Chemical Engineerng; School of Earth & Environmental Sciences Dr Philip Nkrumah
1230 - 1250 Carbon footprint mapping and mitigation in mining operations JKMRC; CMLR; UQ Business School Dr Mehdi Azadi
1250 - 1310 Complex Ore Bodies Deep Sea Mining CSRM Dr Anthony Kung
1310 - 1420 Lunch    
1420 - 1440 Unlocking the Value of Mining Wastes at Abandoned Mines of Queensland – Wolfram Camp Case Study CMLR; BRC Associate Professor Mansour Edraki
1440 - 1500 Bioengineering for In Situ Leach applications School of Chemistry & Molecular Biosciences; School of Earth & Environmental Sciences; JKMRC Professor Gary Schenk
1500 - 1520 Complex Orebodies Database CSRM; CMLR; BRC; UQ Business School; School of Earth & Environmental Sciences Dr Éléonore Lèbre
1520 - 1540 Variability and Flexibility - Update on progress BRC; JKMRC Professor Rick Valenta
1540 - 1600 Processing Options for QLD REE Deposits BRC; School of Chemical Engineering; School of Earth & Environmental Sciences; CMLR Associate Professor Paul Gow
1600 - 1620 Nueva Union project BRC; SMI-ICE-Chile Rocio Vargas
1620 - 1700 Discussion