• Sarah: Community Relations Graduate

    Sarah is a Senior Advisor in Corporate Affairs for BHP Billiton Copper. Before her time in the Copper business, Sarah has also worked in the Manganese and Coal businesses in Africa and Australia.
  • David: Health and Safety Graduate

    As a risk management consultant within the mining industry, the Graduate Diploma has provided David with current, expansive and relevant Knowledge that is applicable not only to mining, but to heavy industry in general.
  • Katie: Environment student profile

    For Katie, the flexible learning options and exceptional academic support offered in her program have been integral to her academic success and career goals to date.
  • Briony: Community Relations Graduate

    Building on a background in Natural Resource Management, the Master of Community Relations program provided Briony with diversity in skills and knowledge applicable to both the environment and social responsibility fields, as well as with tools to use 'on the ground' for her everyday work with key stakeholders.

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